Why us?

Because you deserve
unique sensation!

Be prepared for frission of excitement every time you visit our restaurant. In Scandale Royal you will experience genuine and tasty adventure.

Because you like to be deluxe!

European standards, gourmet cuisine, great selection of cocktails and wines, elegant interiors is not enough for us. Service on the highest level, special events, wine tasting, cockatil classes – all of theese wait for you in the best restaurant in Krakow.

Because you like to be treated like a royalty!

Restaurant menu, wine list, interiors, whole night parties, corporate meetings. Everyday we put extraordinary effort being passionate and professional in all of theese facets. We are sensitive to cultural diversity and value our guests’ taste. Facing your expectations we never stop exploring new fields of modern cuisine because that’s why we are here. It is you who push us to develop and go outside of the box.

Because you love taking part in creating the quality!

We stay open minded and ready to fulfill the most challanging requests. We listen intently to your expectations and we always try to match the offer to individual needs. We believe dining experience is something more than feast. Therefore we organise special events and live music concerts so you can remember stay in our restaurant for a long time.